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    Started in 2007 by Dr. Lu Gang, TechNode began as one man’s attempt to tell the world about what’s happening in China’s tech and startup ecosystems. Since then, we have grown into a trusted and respected information outlet, events organizer, and an integral part of the tech and startup community both inside and outside of China with our partners at TechCrunch.


    With a vast network in global innovation and entrepreneurship, China-headquartered TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem of startups, venture capital firms, industry resources and corporate partners. TechNode has six business units, including TN Media, TN Inno(corporate innovation services), TN Global(Asia), TN Events(branding and event services), TN Data(startup ecosystem database) and TN VC(venture capital and financing services). Through these initiatives, TechNode supports and bridges the startup ecosystem between China and the rest of the world. TechNode is also the exclusive China partner of TechCrunch.

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    TechNode Singapore facilitates as the bridge to the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem. Our main focus is to forge a strong bond in the Asia community. By connecting the dots and forming a close-knitted relationship in the Asia Pacific, we seek to help startups venture into new markets, expedite corporate innovation and VCs to make accurate and informed investments.

    Greater China (HQ)

    With a vast network in global innovation and entrepreneurship, TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem of startups, venture capital firms, industry resources and corporate partners. TechNode is also the exclusive China partner of TechCrunch. TechNode aims to support and bridge the startup ecosystem between China and the rest of the World.


    In-depth collaboration with over 50 local leading media in the Asia Pacific, over 50 VC events and Enterprise Solutions Matchmaking events per year. Deep collaboration with more than 30 local leading media and 10 prestigious Universities across the US and more than 20 venture and precise business matching events per year.

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    Tech Companies

    We help tech companies that want to explore, expand and enter the Chinese market. Tap on to our deep resources and home ground experience & knowledge to help you understand the real situation in China. Get connected with the right partners and investors. Our flagship events like TechCrunch, ChinaBang Awards and Asia Hardware Battle presents the best opportunity to get all the attention, meet the right investors and reach a larger potential customers.




    As a pioneer in corporate innovation, TN Inno’s services are deeply rooted in our global vision. We have established in-depth partnerships with a series of renowned corporates to establish a brand new innovation ecosystem through the drafting of innovation strategic plans, event operations, incubator operations, advisory services for connecting resources along the industrial chain, and venture capital.



    Venture Capitalists

    We provide customized, specific market research reports for Venture Capitalists that are looking to understand China’s tech-related investment landscape. In-depth investment trend analysis to help identify what’s worth looking into and connections to our VC Partners in China through our popular events which are run several times a year.



  • Tech Companies

    Exposure & Early Planning

    Market Access Programs for tech companies

    China is the World's biggest market. Tap onto our flagship events such as TechCrunch and ChinaBang Awards to network and reach out to a wider audience ranging from other founders to investors and even customers. Use the events to understand how to navigate the Chinese culture and network with potential future partners or investors.


    Land, Localise, Let's Go

    Speed is Key for Startups ready to Venture & Scale

    Finding the right partner in China that can help you set-up, settle your housekeepings, connect you with the key players and handholding you through the entire process from localizing your products/services to distribution and market is key. When people talk about the different business culture in China, they refer to the speed and competition. We offer the full suite of business development support to ensure you are on the higher ground.

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    Full Track Startup Support

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    Market Access Programs

    Identify, understand and test out the culture of the Chinese market with our Events, Specialised Market Programs.


    Full Suite of

    BD Support

    From incorporating to desk providing. We settle the housekeeping tasks so that you can land and run.


    From Partnering to Distribution

    Matching you with the right partners to sourcing for the right distribution channels. We help accelerate the process.

  • Corporates

    Enterprise Solutions Matchmaking

    Find the Right Solution

    In today's abundance of innovative solutions and the startup fervor, Corporates that are tapping into these channels have managed to stay ahead of their competitors. We accelerate the process for Corporates to adopt innovation and keep up with the fast-changing landscape of today. Our top-notch events provide just the right matchmaking platforms.


    Reach Out for More

    Expose to the Right Audience

    Be it a marketing effort or scouring for the right technology to be adopted, TechNode's brand of events are excellent to execute your objective. With our huge Media influence in China, be sure to enjoy the attention of a celebrity.


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  • Venture Capitalists

    First-hand News & Trends

    Accurate & Timely Investment-Worthy Information

    Wonder what's the latest investment trend in China and who invested in who? If there's a specific vertical or industry you're interested in, we are able to provide you with the latest and most updated information, helping you make those investment decisions that might be worth 1 or 2 digits more.


    VC Community

    VC Meetups in the Sharing Economy

    With China being more proactive in its Southeast Asia's involvement, it only makes sense to be in the front row of what the next BIG market is. Connect with VCs in China, understand what is happening and what's going to change. If the World's Giants are shaping the path, why not be in the know? Our VC events run throughout the year, come network and form partnerships.


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    Over 10 years in the Chinese Tech Ecosystem


    Startup Ecosystem Database


    Venture Capitalists Database


    Corporate Partners Database


    Targeted Participants at Our Events Yearly

    70+ per year

    VC & Enterprise Solutions Matchmaking Events


    Global Leading Media Collaborations

    10 cities

    Events organised in First-tiered Cities in Greater China


    Monthly Page Views on Our Bilingual News Platform

    7 continents

    Readership Globally

    2 per year

    TechCrunch China Edition

    1 per year

    Prestigious ChinaBang Awards

    1 per year

    Asia Hardware Battle

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    Well Wishes from our Singapore Partners

    We announced the launch of our Global office in Singapore at our the ChinaBang Awards 2018.

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